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One, Two or Three-year subscription (12 issues each year) of the Digital Edition of Bus Conversion Magazine.  The Digital subscription is delivered in two methods.  The Online subscription and the emailed subscription. (This can be changed at any time.)

Please note this is for the Digital Edition only. It does not include a printed version of the magazine.


Online Digital Subscription

The Online Digital subscription is for the electronic version of the magazine. You will have access to the current month and two previous months. You can view them in your web browser or you can download them to your computer in PDF format to save them in your collection.

The Online Digital Edition is available in both SD (Standard Definition) and HD (High Definition) versions so you can take advantage of either faster download times if you like to download the SD version or the higher quality of the HD version if you like to zoom in on photos to see more detail of the buses.  If you travel, you may want to take advantage of the Online Edition as you can control when you download each issue based on how strong your internet connection is at any time.

Be sure to enter a password of your choice during checkout that you will use to access the Online Edition. This should not be a password that you use for high security logins and can be something simple, the only thing it gives access to is the magazine. It will be case sensitive so what you type in during your order will be what you type in to read the magazine each month.


You will receive an email letting you know (at the email address you provided during checkout) with your access to go into download and read the magazines.

To access the Online Digital Edition, visit our website and go to Magazine tab in the top menu item and log in to access each month’s new issue. You will be asked for a username and password. The username will be your email address and the password will be the one you provided with this order.


eMag Digital Subscription

The eMag will not be accessible Online but instead will be automatically emailed to the email address you provided each month. Some folks have problems receiving large files of up to 20MB either at home or at work. If you have these limitations, you should subscribe to the Online Edition instead.  Note: You can change your subscription from Online to eMag and back at any time.


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